Friday, September 18, 2020

90s TV Characters Whose Style Was On Point


Buffy Summers (Buffy, The Vampire Slayer)

Adolescent Buffy was the sovereign of smaller than expected dresses, crop tops with printed pants and choker neckbands. Her style stayed incredible all through the show, however I have a weakness for the early years, particularly the white dress she wore with a biker coat in the finale of Season 1.


Image: Buffy Summers -Buffy, The Vampire Slayer (

Rachel Green (FRIENDS)

Clearly working in design, Rachel Green is consistently the most a la mode character on the sitcom (sorry Monica and Phoebe). The Ralph Lauren years were particularly spot on, to such an extent that By Far gave its own Rachel pack as a tribute to the character’s partiality to loaf sacks. The show finished in 2004, yet the 90s side of things were the place Rachel truly shone, on account of customized dresses, suits and even jazzy tracksuit bottoms.


Image: Rachel Green – Friends (

Partner McBeal (Ally McBeal)

You’d think wearing suits each day would be very constraining, yet Ally McBeal adapted to the situation, continually consolidating her eccentric character into her closet, which converted into bright suits and cheeky subtleties.


Image: Partner McBeal -Ally McBeal (

Prue Halliwell (Charmed)

While Piper’s style was sheltered and Phoebe’s was excessively odd, Prue’s hit that sweet spot. At the point when she wasn’t fit and booted for her specialty caretaker work (those silk shirts however), she could be seen wearing charming cardigans and tank tops, just as complimenting midi dresses with wedge shoes.


Image: Prue Halliwell -Charmed (

Kelly Kapwoski (Saved by the Bell)

Let’s face it, we as a whole needed to be Kelly Kapowski, with her denim coats and small scale skirts, and insane prints. In fact late 80s, yet as the show finished in the mid 90s, I’ve permitted it.


Image: Kelly Kapwoski -Saved by the Bell (

Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City)

You didn’t think I’d end this gather together without referencing Carrie Bradshaw now did you? Her style was obviously unbelievable all through the show, which finished in 2004, anyway since this is a 90s gather together, I thought I’d center around her initial years, which incorporated a great deal of provocative little dresses, just as progressively manly larger than usual fitting matched with fitted pants.


Image: Carrie Bradshaw -Sex and the City (

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