Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Billie Eilish To Sing New James Bond Theme Song


Billie Eilish is going along with one of the most selective music clubs on the planet.

What do Louis Armstrong, Madonna, Adele, Paul McCartney, Shirley Bassey, Duran, and Tina Turner share for all intents and purpose? They’ve all performed Bond tunes: the notable singles that customarily open James Bond motion pictures. Furthermore, presently Eilish, who as of late turned 18, will have one in her inventory. She’s by a wide margin the most youthful individual to compose and sing a Bond subject, and certainly the one in particular who has the center name Pirate. She and her sibling and long-term partner, Finneas, composed the signature melody together for the 25th Bond motion picture, No Time to Die, which is expected out April 8.

“It feels insane to be a piece of this inside and out,” Eilish said in an announcement, including that the open door is “a colossal respect.”

“James Bond is the coolest film establishment ever to exist,” she said. “I’m still in stun.”


No Time To Die disillusioned a few fans when it was declared that, in spite of bits of gossip, for the 25th time, 007 would be played by a male on-screen character (Daniel Craig, in his fifth go-round as the vodka-swilling MI6 specialist). However, there will be women’s activist effects on this film go past the surface-level young lady intensity of hot ladies holding firearms: Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the Fleabag virtuoso, is one of four credited cowriters.

What’s more, Eilish’s commitment is truly exciting. She’s somebody who’s lived gladly contrary to everything Bond motion pictures state a lady ought to be. Bond Girls, the fiercely dainty, scarcely dressed sex interests of James Bond, have given an incredible impression throughout the long periods of what a lady ought to be: seen and once in a while heard. Tune in, in the event that you need to wear vintage ribbon clothing, have at it—however Eilish’s uniform of loose, happy with apparel has declared to little youngsters that their decisions can be directed by their own preferences, not by the flavors of a lot more established men.


Eilish’s clarification for preferring free design (“I never need the world to know it all about me”) is an unexpected update that ladies, well known or something else, don’t owe anybody access to their bodies. Bond Girls are excessively sexualized, yet Eilish’s imaginativeness shows that ladies who aren’t keen on being sexualized additionally have advantageous alternatives. (All things considered, in the event that you need to begin passing by Pussy Galore and wearing gold lamé tops, you have the full help of the Glamor staff behind you.)

Billie Eilish’s quality on a Bond venture is vindicating, particularly for those of us who realize that load shorts are more agreeable than thongs (in this way, everybody who has worn a thong). Likewise: expounding on the perfect time to bite the dust appears to be actually up her dull, creepy crawly filled back street. Godspeed, Billie.

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