Friday, July 10, 2020
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Naomi Campbell Poses Nude For Her First Ever Vivienne Westwood Campaign


The heritage of Naomi Campbell is undeniably, a quite epic one. As opposed to show her accomplishments, awards, and hhefty portfolio, what’s all the more fitting to ask would appear: what hasn’t the supermodel and dissident taken a stab at?

So to add to her rundown, the British model and specialist has earnt a spot as the new essence of Vivienne Westwood‘s SS20 crusade. How about we follow back almost three decades prior when Naomi took a tumble at the show that she has sinced thought back about with Westwood, donning the House’s dynamite signature stage heels. What’s more, presently 33 years after the fact, the British style architect has met up to check Naomi’s first since forever crusade.


“I accept things in life go along when they are intended to. It’s taken 33 years to do a Westwood crusade and I’m so glad to do it in my 49th year. It’s intended to be the point at which its intended to be,” shares Campbell on the association.


Along the roads of the eighteenth Arrondissement in Paris, Campbell presents nearby the originator and her better half Andreas Kronthaler, shot against a neon lit white divider, among the Parisian backstreets by the productive focal point of Juergen Teller. Remarking on the assortment, Westwood shares the ideation behind the dispatch. “At the point when I configuration garments they generally must have a story and when someone shoots me in our garments I generally must have that story in my brain. I’ve been understanding Mythology – for this it resembled we were en route to heaven and we were all going to change from fish into feathered creatures.” Sporting Westwood‘s immortally baffling manifestations, their long-past due association – we’ll take preferable late over never-sees the cheerful vision of the style architect in congruity with the strong, brave vitality from one of the catwalk’s most prominent. Here’s one for the history books.

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