Friday, September 18, 2020
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Why Eminem Performed “Lose Yourself” At The 2020 Oscars


We anticipated a great deal at the current year’s Oscars. Brad Pitt to win best supporting on-screen character for his job in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Billie Eilish to wear an astonishing larger than usual outfit, Laura Dern to give an astounding discourse. In any case, the one thing we were not anticipating from the Oscars was for Eminem to turn up and perform _Lose Yourself – y_es, you read that right – in 2020.

Obviously, the rapper won the honor for best unique melody for Lose Yourself in 8 Mile right in 2003 – yet he didn’t really go up to get the honor… So it bodes well that has returned to perform it just about 20 years after the fact, isn’t that so?

Watchers – just as the crowd – were part over the set, with individuals being similarly stunned and, erm, befuddled. ‘Who’s liable for welcoming Eminem? Show yourself! Guarantee duty regarding this wreckage,’ one individual asked on Twitter. In the mean time, another stated, ‘Eminem just performed lose yourself at the Oscars.. in 2020… I am perplexity yet I am likewise living for it.’


Furthermore, as another person brought up, ‘I recollect Eminem didn’t go to the Oscars when he won. Goodness, how circumstances are different.’ Indeed. The rapper himself even kidded, ‘Look, in the event that you had another shot, another chance… Much obliged for having me @TheAcademy. Sorry it took me 18 years to arrive.’


Design astute, the night has been mind boggling, with the greatest names in Hollywood attacking the best closets in the business. Goodness, and Olivia Colman colored her hair blonde. Investigate the best looks from the Dolby Theater beneath…

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